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April 08 2015

When To Use Wooden Packing Crates Instead Of Cardboard Boxes

In these days of looking at the use of recyclable packaging materials, then you might consider using wooden crates instead of cardboard boxes. They may be re-used many times over, and therefore are extremely durable.

Additionally if they are built from wood from sustainable forests then they can be classed as green, and possibly even offset against your companies carbon footprint.Japan Crate Unboxing

Perfect for shipping heavy goods, or delicate items that need the ultimate in packaging to shield them in transit. They are often used for packaging goods to send abroad, as they can be nailed back together if they have to be opened by customs.

They're also ideal for you to use as packaging if you are regularly shipping goods too and from the same locations. It could be you send your customer goods in a wooden packing crate, and the man regularly sends items back to you in them, such as an item that needs regular servicing as an example. Japan Crate Unboxing

Another example is perhaps you can send goods to some supplier for them to perform work on, and that they then have to send them back for you once they have completed the work.

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